On vacation and have time to explore tech again

Attended a great edweb webinar today “Microblogging” #edwebet . Much discussion about Twitter. I should really make it a habit of checking Twitter daily. I always find great info there; from last summer when I learned about Apple’s free video camp for kids (thanks to David Pogue’s Tweet) to all the details about how Buffy Hamilton created a Kindle program in her library, and so much more. Thanks to Michelle Luhtala for renewing my interest in Twitter today. Michelle also mentioned Diigo. Coincidentally, I just created a Diigo account earlier today before the webinar; or did I create that account yesterday?! The days are pleasurably longer now that I’m on vacation! In any case, Diigo has been great to explore and it’s helping me to organize some of the information that’s floating around in my head from today’s webinar and yesterday’s webinar about eReaders.


edWeb.net–favorite site of the year??

If you aren’t familiar with edweb.net “where the education community meets,” take a tour. This is a social network that belongs in the “must experience” category of your web life for those involved in education.

EdWeb has communities that you can join;  I belong to communities such as Using Emerging Technology to Advance Your School Library Program and Amazing Resources for Educators. “Using Emerging Technology . . .” has put on two phenomenal webinars this summer. They provided great ideas for my library program and perhaps just as importantly gave me a place to meet other librarians from around the country to share thoughts/ideas/questions. The “Amazing Resources for Educators” community provides excellent, free e-newsletters too. If you’re an ELL/ESL teacher, for example, this community has an ELL newsletter; subscribe to it by clicking on the link to subscribe the ELL e-newsletter in the “Amazing Resources for Educators” community. (Note that if you click on the “Amazing Resources for Educators” link in the previous sentence, you’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account on edweb. Do create an account in edweb; it’s free and I promise you, you will be so happy that you joined. Resources galore for teaching!)

If you are a teacher, librarian, or school administrator, I highly recommend edWeb.net. I’m going to be searching all year for a site that I will like better than edWeb as a resource for educators. I doubt that I’ll find one. Did I mention that an account on edWeb is FREE?