Phenomenal Read Aloud Program

Stumbled upon Pernille Ripp’s Global Read Aloud at Edmodocon several years ago. Took part in the Eric Carle author study for GRA that year. Last year, decided to up my school’s involvement, so in addition to doing the Peter H. Reynolds’ author study with kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 students, the grade 5 teachers and I took part in Jennifer Holm’s The Fourteenth Goldfish GRA. What an amazing time we had. You can see some of what we did on our Tackk.

Though I would love, love, love to do Global Read Aloud with grade 3, 4, and 5 students with Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s Fish in a Tree, I’m only going to do the Amy Krause Rosenthal author study with kindergarten, grade 1 and 2 students. Super excited for this program. We’ll be learning how to use chopsticks after we read Chopsticks this week! We’ll be sending video clips to a teacher who’s going to put them all together from wherever they are sent. Should be super fun to see the finished product. Can’t wait to see all the rest of the cool stuff we’ll do to connect with others throughout the world.

It’s not too late to join Global Read Aloud–it starts tomorrow–MONDAY, OCT 5th!! If you don’t want to join late this year, then mark your calendars for next year.