On My Mind for the Past Several Months

AASL in Hartford last November was incredible. Still on my mind from the conference:

  • After returning, a colleague asked me to sum it up in one word. A tough task, but I finally came up with “wonder.” Wonder can be at the heart of so much in education.
  • The authors I met and/or listened to were phenomenal. Libba Bray, Toni Buzzeo, Shane W. Evans, the whole “guy group–” they were absolutely histerical
  • Talking with and learning from colleagues from around the country was priceless
  • PBS’ phenomenal resources
  • Stripling Model of Inquiry

Apps and/or software tools that have been effective in Rumsey’s library:

  • EasyBib School Edition
  • Pic Collage
  • Google Lit Trips
  • Google Forms