Thoughts on Apps/Software

Some apps/software that have made my teaching/learning more fun and effective this year:

  • Tourwrist app: got into an even deeper New York State of Mind (book and song by Billy Joel) during grade 1 “Music and Books” unit. After enjoying the book/song, students used the Tourwrist app to get a panoramic view and interactive experience of places in New York. When Latin Gamma students came in to the library to research the Pantheon, we started off research viewing the Pantheon up close thanks to Tourwrist.
  • Nearpod app: deliver presentations (with interactive slides) to every device get immediate feedback from participants; get reports of participants’ responses; control their devices during the presentation.
  • EasyBib School Edition: students create projects, add citations, notes, and outlines all in one place; the LearnCite feature and evaluating sources feature are helpful tools to teach information literacy.
  • Edmodo: join professional groups and/or communities within Edmodo; create a group for each class; powerful and safe way to keep class organized; communicate with students individually through posts or allow them to post to the group (students cannot post directly to each other only to the whole class); attach links and documents to posts; assign projects; give out badges and so much more!

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