edcamp and more

If you aren’t familiar with edcamps, you’ve got to check them out. Click here to access all the edcamp details throughout the world. If you’re in CT, attend edcamp RSD6 held at Wamogo High School in Litchfield. Only one camp left at Wamogo. So what is an edcamp? It’s an un-conference. Attendees don’t know what’s going to be offered until the day of the event. People can prepare to lead a session ahead of time or they can lead a session on a whim. Or, if an attendee would like to know more about a topic, he/she can post the topic as an inquiry and people will show up at the session who know a bit about it. It’s truly an incredible PD model and one that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

I’ve learned tons from others, poked around on all sorts of apps/tools that I had heard of previously but hadn’t found the time to explore, and I’ve shared a bit of my knowledge too. Just a couple of highlights for me: connecting with colleagues (both ones new to me and quite a few from my past); learning from and sharing with others (dropbox, twitter, Wevideo, class dojo, edmodo–edmodocon coming in August!, nearpod, and so, so much more). Amy shared an excellent visual today created by Stacy Stephens about formative assessment and technology integration. I don’t quite agree with the line in small type at the top of the visual, but the visual creates an excellent overview of apps/tools that work in the classroom.

Looking forward to the last week of edcamp RSD6 and beyond–to continuing to collaborate/connect with colleagues.