CPD23: Thing 1 and Thing 2

The Library Notes was created last July and not much got posted once the school year began. I’ve always wanted to take part in the 23 Things program (initially the adapted version in CT), but when I saw that the “official” 23 Things was going to start up again this summer, I knew I had to participate. Coincidentally, at my school all faculty have to learn a new software platform for summer PD. My “official” PD will be to use Schoolsuite to update the library’s web pages since I haven’t done that since I started last August. For me, though, 23 Things will definitely be a part of my summer PD and I’m looking forward to it.

As a school librarian, (maybe I should call myself a media specialist?!), I’m totally fascinated by and interested in technology. I love sharing with and learning from others. I’ll be hooking up a new LED projector in my library soon and I’m so excited. It’s going to make teaching/learning so much more efficient, interesting and productive. I will be so glad to get rid of the “media center” that is currently there.

I think I read that we will be looking at “branding” in 23 things. This is something that a colleague (also a newer school librarian) and I have frequently discussed. I always keep going back to “The Energized Librarian.” I think that’s what I’ll use. I have a bit of energy and this year during National Poetry month, I organized a Poetry Cafe, complete with some cool plasma globes and such. I find it challenging to see how much I can put my energy into at once.

I did glance at some other blogs that are a part of 23 Things. Looks like several have just started as a result of this program which is great. I’m looking forward to easily connecting with people from other parts of the world as well.

Looking forward to next week.


2 thoughts on “CPD23: Thing 1 and Thing 2

  1. I’m just joining up and look forward to following your progress. I currently work at an elementary school in the US. Struggling with personal branding right now….but definitely enjoying exploring around the cpd23 blogs. Love “the energized librarian”!

    1. Hey, Christine! Thanks for commenting on my “energized librarian” brand. I guess I’ll stick with that. We should keep in touch and share ideas. Looks like you’re from Georgia. We always drive through your state on our way to visit relatives in FL, though we haven’t been in two years now. Next summer will be a FL trip. We travel down from CT. I need to catch up with CPD Things. I think I have to read and write about Thing 3, 4, 5, maybe 6 too?! The weeks fly by. We just got home from vacation in Maine, so beautiful, relaxing and delicious lobster.

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