On vacation and have time to explore tech again

Attended a great edweb webinar today “Microblogging” #edwebet .┬áMuch discussion about Twitter. I should really make it a habit of checking Twitter daily. I always find great info there; from last summer when I learned about Apple’s free video camp for kids (thanks to David Pogue’s Tweet) to all the details about how Buffy Hamilton created a Kindle program in her library, and so much more. Thanks to Michelle Luhtala for renewing my interest in Twitter today. Michelle also mentioned Diigo. Coincidentally, I just created a Diigo account earlier today before the webinar; or did I create that account yesterday?! The days are pleasurably longer now that I’m on vacation! In any case, Diigo has been great to explore and it’s helping me to organize some of the information that’s floating around in my head from today’s webinar and yesterday’s webinar about eReaders.