Several new favs

If you tweet, then you’re probably familiar with I used to use TinyURL which is great too, but goes a few steps beyond. not only lets you shorten those unwieldy URLs, it also lets you track your visitors. When signed in to, you also can immediately post your links to Twitter. is so fast, easy, and truly amazing.

I learned the secret of just last week at a webinar: “10 Social Media Tips & Tricks”. If you’d like to skim my notes from the webinar, click here. (The links to view/hear the actual webinar are in my webinar notes too.) The webinar was geared toward non-profits, but it also includes excellent tips for teachers/librarians. This webinar is one of the reasons I started this blog.

Just came across Plinky (thanks to WordPress): Plinky delivers a writing prompt to your computer daily.


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