Some of my favorite sites

Below are just a few of my favs. I hope that all of my teacher, librarian, and otherwise techy friends will share their favorite sites via this blog too!
Teachers can create FREE accounts for themselves and their students at animoto. I used animoto to create a library orientation video for the school at which I last worked:
“Young Adult Books Reviewed by Young Adult Reviewers” If you’re a librarian who works with teens/tweens, you must explore this site. That’s all I’m going to say.
Super fun site; you can experience Booktalks 2.0 that Janet Kenney and I created a couple of years ago on the following link:

Of course, twitter is a must too. I follow people like David Pogue, John Green, and Joyce Valenza. I wish I could keep up with all of the amazing stuff out there.

How can I forget Google Docs?! Gosh, I almost forgot too.

That’s all for now. Please do share your own favorites via this blog too.


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