Hello world!

I became a librarian because I wanted to know what librarians know and wanted to share that information with others. Now that I’m a librarian, I have learned many of the secrets of the library profession, but perhaps more importantly realize that no one librarian could know all. Librarians and other teachers are all more effective when we work together. That is my hope: that other librarians, teachers and any others who care to take part in this blog will share their knowledge of technology, research, books, etc. to create a true collaborative effort.


4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. I’m a recent MLS grad and am currently searching for my first library position. I found your blog today via the SCSU mailing list. Thanks for providing these tips, I plan on being back often.

    Best to you-

    1. Joe, my advice to you is to network, network, network! You never know what will end up turning into a job. With an MLS, you are so fortunate. You can enter so many fields: academic library, public library, school library, the business world, the tech/computer industry, the non-profit world, etc. (If you’re a certified School Media Specialist, I have some encouraging thoughts about that too, so let me know. If you aren’t looking for employment in a school, then I’ll save both of us time by not sharing.) If you have time, watch that webinar “10 Social Media Tips & Secrets.” The link is in one of my posts. Do feel free to share your own tech tips on this blog too!

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